Some features coming in 2023

The WhatsApp It is always improving its functionality to provide new services to its millions of users, and many are expected to arrive for this year 2023, among them:

Use WhatsApp on two smartphones

This novelty is already being tested by beta versions of the devices androidalthough according to the site WABetaInfo-For now only a sample screen Logoff Attempt indicates that a connection has been terminated Mobile On the other hand.

“The connection has been disconnected. This may be because this device has been disconnected from your phone (…)” is the message that appears on the screen device His session is terminated by another action or command triggered by another smart phone.

The option will allow users to delete the profile in a single file Tablets Or a second cell phone, from your main device, which can become another option for safety In case of any duplication in law Project.

WhatsApp will continue to offer new options by 2023. Photo: Shuttestock

Edit messages that have already been sent

It will allow you to edit the sent message in a maximum of 15 minutes. Once that time has elapsed, the Content It cannot be modified.

Also, as an option safety In this future feature, Posts The ones that have been modified will have a “Modified” label located in the bottom right of the text bubble. text.

Search for messages by dates

in the case of issuance The WhatsApp for devices iOSa feature that has been tested over the past few months 2022 He was the one he was looking for Posts inside conversation from a certain date.

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Photo: WABetaInfo

Currently , program Only allowed to Search of text messages your content sends or receives, but this new feature can include a button inside of tape Search It allows publishing a calendar in which you can select a specific date when you can go back to search for a file Message.

Access WhatsApp from the tablet

Although the application is currently The WhatsApp Allow synchronization with desktop device eg PC As for laptopUsers are still unable to link their account to a file Tablets.

Photo: WABetaInfo

This feature tested by hardware android under name Friends modeit will allow an account to be shared by more than one device, to use the same account without the need for both of them to share the same number Phone.

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