Solutions for SMEs: Argentine Entrepreneurship Wins Global Award from Banco Santander

The 10th Santander Global Challenge, launched by Banco Santander in collaboration with the Oxentia Foundation, On Tuesday’s winners. Monday Startups and two Expand The winners They are from UK, Mexico, Argentina/US and Germany And I have Famous for its innovative and scalable solutions to support small and medium businesses in your digital transformation and improve your efficiency. about 700 Startups s Expand They have signed up for Santander X to participate in this global challenge.

In the startup class, were the winners Privasee from UK, Social Piper from Mexico. The first consists of a data protection platform based on data set and a self-updating privacy policy. The second, at the same time, is an AI-based social media marketing solution for SMEs.

Awards in the Scaleup category, is dedicated to entrepreneurship with an already established business and seeks to help scale and scale this model in the marketplace, Left in the hands of Whyline, Argentina, USA and German Alyne. Whyline CRM has a CRM and marketing channel that unlocks traffic and data sources to simplify experiences or activities in everyday life.. In the meantime, Alyne offers a solution for cyber security, regulatory compliance and Commitment through artificial intelligence.

This challenge was launched on May 13 by Santander X, the global entrepreneurial community of Santander, and is organized on the of categories: Startup, for legally established companies that are currently marketing a product or service whose annual turnover does not exceed €500,000, and the Scaleup category on the same terms but with annual sales of more than half a million euros.

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The UK’s Scale-up Institute and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) define it as a company that has grown over the past three years at an annual rate of more than 20%, both in headcount and in your billing.

The four winners, referenced in Banco Santander, “They have stood out in their product, process or service innovation, viability, impact potential and scalability”. So, Each of them will receive a cash prize, which in the case of Startups up to €10,000, and in that On the scale of 50,000 euros. moreover, The four winning solutions will be mentored by experts from the Oxentia Foundation’s global network, an opportunity to present their solutions to the Fintech terminal, the Santander open innovation team, as well as gain visibility on Santander social networks and channels.

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