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Leon, Geto.- As a result of the efforts and dedication of the student community, a total of one hundred and eighty-seven young people belonging to the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (DCSyH) of the León Campus of the University of Guanajuato (UG) have graduated.

According to the press release, it should be noted that the official ceremony was divided into three celebrations, the first of which honored graduates of the Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration and the Bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology.

At the following ceremony, the Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Sociology degrees were awarded, culminating in the presentation of Bachelor of Arts degrees in Regional Development, Management, Culture and Art.

Dr. Rocio Magali Barbosa Pisa, Director of DCSyH, attended the three events and stressed that it is important to recognize the leadership and resilience that has characterized this generation. Likewise, she added that collaboration agreements have been established with the State Government with the aim of professionalizing students and launching them into the world of work. She added that the State Government has proposed the creation of a space for 150 students in the department to do their social or professional service.

In all three events, the joy of completing their study plan prevailed, but at the same time, the nostalgia represented by the video that was shown at each academic event prevailed. In this material, he reflected his university life inside the classrooms and the activities he did with his colleagues outside the university.

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For its part, the university administration thanked the members of the alumni community for their trust in the university as the public institution that it accredits as part of its cell and its forms in the academic field. Graduates are recognized for being part of that select group that concludes their graduate studies.

In this way, the University of Guanajuato provides society with professionals in the social and human sciences, who have the intellectual foundations for professional and ethical performance in the workplace.

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