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The 2023 National Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities was awarded today to historian and researcher Juan Jesús Guanche Pérez, as part of the 32nd Havana International Book Fair.

Photography: Vladimir Molina Espada/PL

Alberto Brito Rozos, the famous Cuban intellectual who was responsible for the words of praise, recalled the important events that marked Guanche Pérez's career.

Brito Rozos emphasized the work done by the writer, essayist and professor at the Cuban Institute of Anthropology, at the Academy of Cuban History, as well as his numerous conferences delivered at universities in Venezuela, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and Venezuela. United State.

He ranked him as one of the most prominent intellectuals of the Antillean nation and a tremendous example of diligence and professional perseverance.

Miguel Barnett, Chairman of the Jury, highlighted the innovative contributions made by the Doctor of Historical Sciences to Cuban culture of Spanish and African origins.

There are many reasons why he received this unanimous distinction from the hands of the jury also composed of Alberto Brito, Marlene Vasquez, Rene Gonzalez and Omar Valeno.

Guanche Pérez thanked the members of the court for giving recognition to all the years of research and teaching work.

In turn, he dedicated the award to the memory of those who participated in his professional training.
The meeting was attended by Fernando Leon Jacomino, Deputy Minister of Culture, and Juan Rodriguez Cabrera, President of the Cuban Book Institute.

Juan Jesús Guanche Pérez is a distinguished academician of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, a member of the Collaborating Committee of the International Bibliography of Folklore, of the Board of Directors of the Fernando Ortiz Foundation, and a consultant to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. In Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela.

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The works are part of his bibliography Ethnic and cultural processes in Cuba (1983), World religions (1984, 1988), Multiculturalism and Africanism (2002) and The Canary Islands in Cuban culture (2009, 2020).

He was awarded the medals “National Culture” (1995), “Tropical Gypsy” (1999), “Illustrious Son of the City of Havana” (2008), and the Carlos J. Finlay of the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba (2018).

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