Social media users criticize Meghan Markle for Lillipet’s dress

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Meghan Markle was criticized by users on social networks after sharing with the world the first photo of her young daughter, Lillipet Diana.

apparently, It doesn’t seem to real fans that in this first shot, the little girl appears in a “wrinkled and unpressed” linen dress. Even media outlets such as The Sun have collected many negative comments from the Sussex baby, suggesting that “watchful moms spend time criticizing the same details as Lillipet.

The criticism also started an online debate, with users accusing other netizens of bias against Meghan, taking the opportunity to criticize her for any wrongdoing, no matter how small, and Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife, applauding the uncomfortable episodes. Like the fight he had with his young son Louis during the Platinum Jubilee event.

Many British media did the same, which once again called into question some of the accusations made by Meghan Markle Against them, their bullying was one of the reasons why he left the royal family.

Lilibet celebrated her first birthday last week at Frogmore Cottage, in Windsor, UK, where she was also presented with Queen Elizabeth II. So far, unconfirmed rumors are circulating that she prevented taking pictures of the moment of the meeting.

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