So you can send an “invisible message” with this simple trick

The WhatsApp It is used by millions of people every day to send important information in various formats such as video, images or files. However, there are many tricks in the app that very few people know about, and this time it’s all about Invisible messages.

But first, it is important to note that these invisible messages They don’t do a specific job, but they are very useful for playing a good prank on one of your contacts, or all of them. To do this fun trick, you don’t need to download or use third-party apps.

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Steps to send an invisible message

  • open The WhatsApp And select the chat of the contact you want to send to Invisible message.
  • After that, go to this link, which is a page from Invisible messages.
  • Then click Copy.
  • Go back to your contact’s chat and paste the message as many times as you like until a long text appears, you’ll finally notice that the message is no longer visible, so it’s ready to send.
The WhatsApp

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In the event that the trick does not work, there is another way but in this it will be necessary that you download an application to be able to send invisible messages. You can do the same procedure but with an app blank message, where you can check message rows and sizes.

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