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The WhatsApp It is still one of the best applications for communicating with all your contacts, because it allows you to send not only text messages, but also videos, audios and even documents in Word, PDF and even Excel formats, and it is also possible to open two different accounts on the same smartphone and even on different devices.

But one of the things people are always looking for is Find out who your partner is talking to and why it takes so long to respond. Now you will be able to identify it with this simple trick of The WhatsAppbut yeah, you have to ask permission to take your mobile device and not take it secretly, and you end up getting banned.

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In the event that he does not want to, it is better not to force him, because this will not only harm your partner, but also you, because this is strictly punishable by law.

Find out who your partner is talking to on WhatsApp without them knowing

Here is the procedure to find out who your partner is chatting with on WhatsApp without them knowing:

  • The first thing you should do is ask your partner for permission to take their cell phone.
  • It is not necessary to tell him that you are going to enter his WhatsApp.
  • Next, verify your account.
  • But you don’t have to scroll through all the conversations either.
  • Open Settings, then go to Storage & data
  • In this location, click where it says “Manage Storage”.
  • You will now see the complete list of all the people your partner is chatting with.
  • In this list you will see that there are a series of names. The first person to appear is the person he talks to the most.
  • Most likely you are, so don’t worry about it.
  • Remember that it is imperative that you tell your partner to give you their phone password to access it.
  • In the event that your “better half” activates temporary messages in WhatsApp, they can be deleted within 24 hours and will leave no trace.
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Remember that in order to contact WhatsApp in case of any questions or just a problem with your Android or iPhone, you can use this .

A form will open for you to fill in all your personal information: among them is your real name, email, it can be your Gmail or any company, the country you are writing from, as well as your cell phone number, which must be accompanied by your country code.

Then you should write your doubts in the small box with a specific number of characters, try to be very specific and don’t skimp on details that you know can only be fixed in person. When you send it, WhatsApp will contact you through your cell phone with an automatic response so they can talk directly.

Did you find an interesting WhatsApp trick? We tell you that this messaging app is constantly changing and updated, so new shortcuts, icons and widgets are always appearing that make your experience of sending or receiving texts, stickers or multimedia content more pleasant. To continue discovering the news With more WhatsApp notes in the Mag, and that’s it. Do not miss it!

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