So you can delete a message several hours after sending it

The WhatsApp It has become the most used app in Mexico to send and receive messages, photos, videos and even to make video calls and calls using the Internet.

For this reason, the developers keep working on constant updates that keep WhatsApp on the cutting edge Applications instant message.

Due to the constant changes in the interface, there are many tricks hidden in the application that can ease the user experience or simply help us out of trouble when we need it most.

This is the case for the way we can delete a message on WhatsApp even though it has been several hours since it was sent in chat individual or group.

We must remember that WhatsApp is configured so that it cannot be deleted after an hour after sending a message. However, with the following trick, you can clear it up easily.

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Best of all, it is not necessary to download any external application to be able to do this, as you will only need to use some of the functions that mobile phones integrate from the factory, although at the moment this can only be done on devices with Android.

How do you delete a message on WhatsApp several hours after it was sent?

The first thing you should do is to activate the Airplane mode so that the phone does not have an internet connection and the time cannot be activated automatically.

After that, you will have to force stop The WhatsApp From the Settings menu of the device to deactivate the Get internet time automatically option and manually adjust the phone’s time and date in Settings.

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Remember to select a day and time before sending the message, then enter the app and simply delete the message.

The final step is to deactivate the mobile’s Airplane mode and allow the device to update to the correct date and time.

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