Snow sports and rock climbing in 2022

Snow and Climbing, Kings 2022. The sports that have grown most practically in 2022 on a global scale are snow sports and climbingaccording to him Strava’s General Report in Sports. Specifically, alpine skiing has quadrupled and Snowboarding It came close to doubling, while climbing practice increased by 95%. On the other hand, stair steps increased by 78%, weight training by 52%, elliptical stairs by 48%, and swimming by 41%.

On the other hand, according to the report, on a global scale, The number of athletes who registered for activities outside their country of residence doubled compared to the previous year. In total, 2.4 million tourists traveled to Spain to exercise, and most of them came from the United Kingdom (45.7%), France (19%), Germany (14.8%) and the Netherlands (13.8%).

The chosen regions for cycling in Spain were the Balearic Islands, while in Management It was Las Palmas. In total, the number of Spaniards who traveled to do physical activity in other regions reached 4.2 million, with the countries most chosen being France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Also according to the report, The percentage of Strava-registered cyclists who have used an e-bike this year has increased by 26%, although unequal, with a greater tendency among older athletes than among younger athletes. Some countries show surprisingly higher adoption of this new technology (while others resist change).

In this sense, just as the marathon is a symbolic goal for runners, facing a hundred-mile (160-kilometre) race is a real event for many cyclists. This year, 22% of cyclists globally have participated in at least one such course. The report shows that the number of stops to drink coffee, fix flat tires and buy food at gas stations is too high to count.

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Similarly, Strava states that although hundreds of miles races are in most cases held on asphalt, Long-distance gravel running is an increasingly popular way to switch up surface types.

In terms of commuting by bicycle, 65% of people who cycle to work in Barcelona are women, which puts this city first in the ranking of cities in the world, ahead of cities with a tradition of cycling to work such as London, New York, Paris, Berlin or Tokyo. In Barcelona, ​​the number of women cycling to work increased by 81% in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic data.

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