Smooth sailing in candle trading for Pedro Campos, Sanxenxo’s honorary host

In addition to being a famous athlete and honorary host of Sanxenxo, Countian Pedro CamposHe is undoubtedly a businessman. In fact, their investments entered the media orbit recently, when Real Madrid president Nautico de Sanxenxo began to welcome them Juan Carlos de Borbón On his visits to Galicia.

Sporting Director of Team Telefónica, Campos leads many of its investments through holding company Tower\columnIts headquarters are in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid). The end of 2022, as previously published Digital Economy GaliciaIt closed with a net loss of 1.8 million euros, after 2020 recorded a net profit of 7.6 million euros and 2021 a profit of 4.3 million.

Through Billon, Campos Calvo Sotelo It directs its investments to various companies that it owns 100%, such as Team Campos or Evento Vela and others. It also manages stakes in other companies: 19.91% in Guadarrama Airport, 5.10% in Knowledge Development for Carpets and Knowledge Development for Pof and 38% in Senior Holdco. However, it has other businesses outside Belun, such as North Sails, Who left the board of directors last year It is dedicated to making and repairing boat sails.

The relationship between campos and northern sails

In 2015, Campos became President of North Sails SL, the successor company to North Sails SL Candle fields, a historic family business located in Countis. Years ago, it reached an agreement with the sector giant, the British company North Seals, which acquired the company. In fact, the company based in Rann Industrial Park dominates it NTG Europe UKheadquartered in the United Kingdom.

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In September 2022, just over a year ago, Campos resigned from his position as chairman and CEO of the company’s board of directors. With a staff of around 65 people, the company ended its activity last year in Spain with assets of €10.6 million and a net worth that grew from €5.4 to €6.3 million. With sales volume rising from 11.8 to 12.3 million euros, Net profit for this year increased from 8,500 euros in 2021 to 830,000 euros.

In Campos’ case, in addition to being president of the company in Spain, he is also the lessor of the warehouse the company owns in Contes.

This is specified in North Sails’ annual accounts, which indicate that this asset “is the property of Pilón Inversiones, in which it participates.” One of the company’s directors who left his position on the Board of Directors during the fiscal year 2022“. Through it, and through it holding companyCampos received rental payments amounting to approx 184,000 euros.

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