Sky will award the Premier Padel in Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Organized by the International Padel Sports Federation (FIP) and supported by the Professional Paddlers Association (PPA) and Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), Premier Padel today announced another historic broadcasting agreement, with Sky as the new device. Partner to broadcast the official tour in Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Sky has signed an initial one-year agreement to cover the 2022 Premier Padel season and will begin its coverage of the Premier Padel series with the Ooredoo Qatar Major 2022, which will kick off on March 28 at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha.

“These agreements will elevate the sport to an unprecedented level of global audiences.”

The news comes just days after ESPN reached a landmark four-year agreement to broadcast Premier Padel in nearly 50 countries in Latin America, covering South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

These deals will elevate the sport to an unprecedented global audience. More TV deals will be announced in the coming days, as excitement builds around the awesome new official tour.

Premier Padel Agreement with Sky


Since its launch a month ago, the FIP, PPA and QSI have made a number of important announcements regarding the new official tour, including confirmation that no fewer than ten (10) new tournaments will take place this year, including four major tournaments.

Registrations for the first official tournament, the Ooredoo Qatar Major 2022, have already broken records, with 123 pairs signed up including players from 19 different countries. The prize money for each discipline – also a record – will be €525,000 per course, while new ranking points have also been announced for the new round.

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Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation (FIP), explains: “Week after week we are integrating the most amazing partners, while breaking records and taking the sport and its players to completely new levels. We have said since principle that we want to take Padel to a truly world-class level and we want to Fans to join us on this journey, so having Sky as a trusted TV partner is exceptional news, Sky has a solid reputation for being the standard carrier for global media, and that is exactly the partner standard this new tour is based on. There is much more to come, and I am looking forward to Truly to Ooredoo Greater Qatar 2022, which next week will usher in this new global era for our sport.”

“Week by week we combine the most amazing partners”

Luigi CarraroPresident of the International Federation of Paddy

The Professional Padel Association (PPA) Board of Directors announces: “This historic agreement with Sky is yet another sign that professional padel players are finally getting the global exposure and platform they and Padel deserve. These important TV agreements will make our sport shine and ensure that our players inspire current and new fans. Every day, in both established and new markets. By increasing visibility, our players will also inspire the next generation of padel fans, and how our sport will truly grow.”

The new official Padel International Circuit last week unveiled its innovative branding. Premier Padel is a dynamic and exciting global brand that embodies the essence and spirit of Padel’s new dawn: professionalism, dynamism and the highest standards of quality that translate into a new global vision. The Premier Padel Category One tournaments will be known as the ‘Majors’ and kick off in Doha with the Ooredoo Qatar Major 2022.

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This new chapter for Padel under FIP leadership is significant for professionalization and globalization with the support of the major players in the world, represented by the Professional Padel Association (PPA), and a new global strategic association with QSI. QSI is the investment group behind many of the world’s leading sports brands and companies, and will provide unparalleled business insights and expertise in developing sports and brands on the global stage.

It is important to note that Premier Padel is the only official Padel Tour, as it is administered and regulated by FIP, taking advantage of the official FIP player rating system and the fact that it is sponsored by the international wide sports community. From a governance point of view, the representatives of the players who participate in the official FIFA Chamber are part of the various committees that contribute directly to shaping the future of their sport.

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