Single-use plastics banned in ethical protected areas

SAN JOSE, February 25 (Prinsa Latina) Single-use plastics are banned from today in protected wilderness areas, which include national parks and biological reserves in Costa Rica.

In this way, visitors or facilities to those sites will not be able to enter or use straws (straws), removers, disposable tableware and cups, and fast food containers, as well as disposable or non-reusable cutlery, bags and plastic bottles. Refers to the Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae) directive.

The regulation, which is part of the waste management in the National Decarbonization Plan, applies to tourists, researchers and officials, and aims to reduce the polluting factors that nature receives from this type of material.

The executive director of the National System of Protected Areas, Raphael Rodriguez, noted that after the visits by people, various protected wilderness areas, national parks and biological reserves have been affected in recent decades by the large amount of single-use plastic that he left behind. . As waste.

After indicating that this is causing pollution, Rodriguez said this is affecting wildlife, as many animals in marine and coastal areas have been found with plastic in their gut channels, which is detrimental to health and behavior.

He stressed that this measure will help improve health in these areas of the country.

Minae states that UN data shows that 80 percent of litter in the oceans is plastic.

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