Should Johnny Depp return to Pirates of the Caribbean?

MADRID, July 2 (CulturaOcio) –

before being forced to Abandon Fantastic BeastsThe Harry Potter Show, his legal battle with Amber Heard commissioned Johnny Depp for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, since Disney marked spaces with The star after five films. However, there are many fans who have requested his return to the saga, a request he joined انضم Greg Ellis.

Ellis, who plays Groves, calls for the interpreter to return. “I think that in Pirates 6… in a perfect world, all the characters that fans loved would be able to come back to finish it all. In the end it all comes down to the script and the story. Yeah Jack Sparrow is not the key, if not the key element to closing a multi-billion dollar franchise, Wouldn’t that be the same as not having Captain Kirk in Star Trek?“Express” explained.

According to the latest rumors, Disney is still planning to shoot the sixth installment of the series. Speculation is that it will be a reboot, similar to what he did transformers With the release of a bee. Not much is known about the project, except for that Kaya Scodelario revealed to Screen Rant that she has a contract to produce another movie And they would be interested in returning. for this part, Bill Nighy He also expressed his desire to play the role of famous villain Davy Jones again.

Depp lost a defamation lawsuit against The Sun, A newspaper accused the actor of being a “wife abuser”. In light of his ex-wife’s accusations. Soon after, the Hollywood Reporter reported that Disney had distanced himself from the actor. “Disney had already walked away from Depp’s future in Pirates long before the UK trialEven if he does not break off relations, ”the mediator explained.

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