Sheinbaum will participate in a virtual meeting on climate change with the United States

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Head of Government , Claudia Sheinbaum, By an invitation from the United States to actually participate April 22 On the Climate Leaders Summit (Leaders’ Summit on Climate2021), with the aim of informing the actions that various government representatives around the world are taking in response to climate change.

The president of the capital confirmed that she had received a signed letter from John Kerry, who is responsible for addressing climate change issues in the current US administration.

Firstly, it’s a great honor, and very grateful for the invitation, it’s an invitation signed by John Kerry, who was Secretary of State in Obama’s second term, who was appointed today by President Biden to address climate change issues; he is the person who signs this invitation to attend a hypothetical event where Various world leaders, scholars, governors and mayors will attend to debate the climate issue.

“We will be very careful to talk about the city’s achievements, but in general to avoid any electoral issue, but we will participate in the event,” he said.

And Shinbaum Pardo warned that his participation will be on the role of cities in Climate Change Policy And procedures that must be developed from the local to the global.

The Climate Leaders Summit 2021 will bring together the world’s major economies and other partners to establish an urgent and open dialogue on ways to promote collective action on climate change, the capital’s government has stated.

He added that the meeting seeks to create an exchange of experiences on how various world governments can contribute to keeping the 1.5 ° C target within reach; I will meet again Major Economies Forum in Energy and Climate, With 17 countries responsible for nearly 80 percent of global emissions in search of climate solutions.

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It will also include representatives from countries that are particularly vulnerable to climate impacts or chart innovative pathways towards a net-zero economy, as well as the need to support countries that adapt to unavoidable climate impacts; Strategies to mobilize greater financial resources for the public and private sectors; The vital role of technological innovation, economics, employment and benefit creation related to climate action.

The Climate Leaders Summit 2021 will be broadcast live and is a major meeting on the way to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) to be held in November this year in Glasgow, UK.

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