Seven classic arcade games with online modes and a digital museum


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June’s Nintendo Direct will be one of the most remembered in a long time, not only for the number of exclusive titles coming to the hybrid console, but also for being the perfect place to showcase other third-party games. It was Capcom’s turn and they did not disappoint.

marvel vs. Capcom Combat Collection: Arcade Classics Probably one of the most anticipated collections by fighting game fans in the past year. Includes Seven classic titles Who triumphed in the corridors:

  • X-Men Children of the Atom
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • marvel vs. Capcom clash of superheroes
  • marvel vs. Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes
  • Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
  • X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
  • The Punisher

It is the fact that this group sees the light, Capcom had to reach an agreement with Disney, the owner of the rights to Marvel, so you can launch it again. Although the development is from the Japanese company, without the approval of Mickey Mouse’s owner, this matter cannot come to light.

We highlight a case The Punisherwhich is the address that It only appeared in Arcade and never had a console release in the West. a Beat them Maybe a few of them played at the time.

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As far as fighting games go, they’ll definitely have it Online mode, whether casual or competitive, to show that we have not forgotten those wonderful groups. It will be compatible with Undo Netcode It will have a global leaderboard.

In order for the games to have a competitive atmosphere, there will be a spectator mode to watch the battles of our teammates. Finally, as a good set, a music box with all the themes, a toy museum and new display filters will be included.

marvel vs. Capcom Combat Collection: Arcade Classics You will arrive at some point 2024 to Nintendo Switch, PS4 (compatible with PS5) and PCthrough steam.

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