Seven benefits for the body and mind of saying thank you to your friends

On July 30, A.J Friendship Day, whose origins date back to 1969. Man had stepped on the moon for the first time and Argentine professor Enrique Ernesto Viberar suggested that this day be created to share his trance with all mankind. Since then, it is an occasion to meet with friends and celebrate that we have each other. A day to get to know all they offer us. Perfect excuse to tell him.

Friends are our engine, they are able to improve our self-esteem and give us the confidence we need to face the world. However It is difficult for us to express feelings with them and show affection for them.

For this, the brand Brugal RumTogether with the experts, a sociological study prepared its conclusions in this way 49% of Spaniards have never said I love you to your friends; 62% never or almost never tell them they miss them; And as many as 63% admit that they don’t usually thank you.

By not expressing to our friends how we feel about them, in addition to denying them the appreciation they deserve, we give up important benefits for our state of mind. a A study on friendship He notes that “recognizing, appreciating, and feeling positive about the people in our lives is associated with higher levels of life satisfaction.”

Psychologist Angelica Collado, researched the way to express feelings of friendship, and explained that “thanking our friends develops emotional intelligence, because when you express an emotion and recognize it, on the one hand, you are validating it, and on the other hand, you are praising it.” Plus, he revealed the benefits of thanking our friends.

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Connect with our emotions

In everyday life and its hustle and bustle, we tend to put on autopilot and let our heads run wild and detached from emotions. pure survival instinct, but when necessary, this trial version is disabled from time to time. Being aware of how we feel about our friends, what they offer us, and the pillar they are in our daily lives helps us get in touch with our emotions and get to know ourselves better.

Regulates stress and anxiety

naturally I give thanks It won’t magically solve big problems, but it can help make everyday problems relatively small. Friendship forces you to be in the present, it is an antidote to anxious anticipatory thoughts and constant activation.

Improves physical health

According to a 2012 study published in the journal Personality and individual differencesGrateful people suffer from fewer pains and are more likely to take care of their health through exercise Exercise and good eating habits.

It makes us more empathetic

Recognizing the role other people play in our lives leads us to take a closer look at these people. It makes us sensitive to their moods and needs and avoids the misunderstandings that arise when we are oblivious to the inner world of others. Thanks to our friends In short, it reduces selfishness.

Strengthening the bonds of friendship

In friendship, there is a fallacy that is easy to fall into: simply piling up the minutes together will ensure that the union will always be as close as possible. However, as the years go by and life changes, the bond suffers because we have less free time and more demands. Telling our friends how we feel about them strengthens that bond and builds relationships that stand the test of time.

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Creates a climate of security and trust, a “boomerang” effect

Expressing affection or gratitude for a friend enhances the effect Boomerang of emotional expression. Thus, when we tell a friend how much we appreciate her being by our side, we build a safe environment that will cause her to thank us in the future, thus contributing to an environment of trust. cTrust is built on the foundation of sincerity We open ourselves to the other.

Increases self-esteem

Accounting for all of the above means that the concept we have of ourselves is positively reinforced. After all, we are the story we tell ourselves. If you tell this story through friendship, it will create a safe place to go You feel accompanied in a bad moment Or enjoy the righteous.

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