Serginho Dest and his embarrassing display in the USA against Trinidad and Tobago

Serginho Dest left the United States with ten men for the second leg of their UEFA Nations League quarter-final against Trinidad and Tobago. (John Dorton/ISI Images/USSF/Getty Images for USSF)

Serginio Destnext to United StateHe shined in an unusual and embarrassing moment during the match between his team and Trinidad and Tobago, in the quarter-finals of the African Cup of Nations. Nations League. The match ended with the opposite result for the Americans, as they fell 2-1, but they still achieved the overall victory (4-2). And with it was his ticket to the 2024 Copa America. However, Dest caught the attention Tantrum Which made his colleagues explode.

In the 38th minute of the match, the winger, who currently plays for the team… Eindhoven Eindhoven, received the ball on the right wing. He couldn't control it and crossed the lime line. He did not like the decision and then kicked the ball towards the stands as a sign of disapproval. This gesture earned him his first warning. Although his teammates tried to contain him angrily, Dest clashed with the referee in an unbearable tone.

Giovanni Reyna, Timothy Ream, and Younis Musa They tried to push him away, but he continued his claim and finally… Send a kiss to Walter LopezThe referee showed him the second yellow card in less than a minute. The ridiculous sending off, with the score under control and due to illogical play, angered his teammates. Captain Ream remarkably scolded him as Serginho headed to the dressing room. Goalkeeper Matt Turner also complained to his face about his irresponsible sending off. Even when he advanced several meters, Dest did not stop talking and held up his angry face.

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His departure was such a setback Trinidad and Tobago He made the most of the opportunity very well, because they turned the score around and They left with an honorable victory As a conclusion to his participation in the 2023-2024 Nations League. The real problem for the United States is that Now they will not be able to rely on Serginho Dest in the UEFA Nations League semi-finalsWhich will be held in March next year. It was the violent and unreasonable attitude of the defender Failed by coach Gregg Berhalter. This is what he commented on in a press conference:

“It's troubling because this is not what we want to represent. This is not who we are as a group. We pride ourselves on our ability to stay mentally disciplined and fight any kind of circumstance, whether they are good or bad decisions.. “We are supposed to move forward and respond appropriately, and this was clearly not the right response from Serginho.”

The helmsman remembered that Because of the expulsion, the physical effort was greater. Although he also highlighted that Dest spoke about what happened in the dressing room. “He apologized to the group. He said it would not happen again. As a team, as a team, as players, and as a coaching staff, we must hold him accountable because it is unforgivable.” It really is. We were very firm in our words after the match. He put many boys in danger, He has made many of his colleagues do a lot of overtime in this climate and that is unforgivable“.

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Serginio Dest in archive photo |  Photo: EFESerginio Dest in archive photo |  Photo: EFE

Serginio Dest in archive photo | Photo: EFE

The memory of this expulsion will remain engraved for a long time. Dest will have to take that as a lesson immediately. Although he remains a frequent call-up player in the United States, his career has been on the decline. Since he was a promising youngster at Ajax, he continued to wander around unsuccessfully in Barcelona and Milan, until he returned to the Netherlands again with PSV Eindhoven. This is not what was expected from the player who played between Bayern Munich and BarcelonaAnd he had the opportunity to play with the Dutch national team. At 23 years old, he still has a long way to go. And situations like what happened yesterday in Port of Spain are not helping him at all.

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