Sequel could have used material removed from the script

Despite its ups and downs, it is a career Luc Besson It would have made its mark forever in science fiction cinema, setting itself as one of the best action films of the late 1990s. “The Fifth ElementIt is a movie with strong influences taken fromDune“,”Star Trek” The “Battlestar GalacticaIt presents a story set in the twenty-third century.

Bruce Willis Play Corbin Dallas, A taxi driver and former U.S. Special Forces soldier crossing his path with Lilo (Jovovich Mile), A clone of a genetically perfect alien creature designed to save humanity from a dark creature threatening to destroy the universe, which appears in 5,000-year cycles.

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The film is currently a true cult classic thanks to its production design, which is a mixture of franchises and narrative references from the science fiction genre. Plus, it features an unforgettable performance for Gary Oldman In a role Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel ZorgAn industrial man cooperating with the dark.

Robert Mark KamenResponsible for writing the script for the movie with Bison And well-known screenwriter responsible for classics likethe Karate KidShe recently revealed to Ibrox That there was a time when conversations took place about a sequel, which were to use some narrative points from the original script that ended up discarding the tape.

According to came, The text has an extension of 180 pages, which Bison He ended up adding a sequel that, according to his words, made no sense. “We were going to make it a sequel, but that didn’t make sense, and the movie was a huge hit in the rest of the world and it’s a classic, but it only got 75 million or 80 million here (the US)),” he says.

The road was ahead of its time. So we never did the sequel and it was going to take another 180 pages that we have and we would have worked on in a script.

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came He concludes that since then he has continued to collaborate with Bison So far, they have produced an average of 16 films. Although he does not share specific details about the story in this “hypothetical sequel”, it is true that the production ambitions Bison It is usually very high. just look “Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsFilm released in 2017.

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