Sending a message from the Cuban Academy of Sciences to the women on the occasion of their International Day

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Havana – The Cuban Academy of Sciences has sent a message of congratulations to Cuban women on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

From ACC, congratulations to all scientists, to those who open the doors to the path of knowledge, to those who contribute day after day with their work to the development of science and innovation in the country, says the memorandum signed by Doctor of Medicine Luis Velasquez Perez, President of the Foundation.

Also to those who are building a better society, an inclusive, prosperous and sustainable society, adds the text sent to the Cuban News Agency.

Despite all the love they generate, the obstacles they overcome, the doors they open, and knowing how to double their role as mothers, grandmothers and wives, our greatest respect and admiration, he says.

It is suggested that women of science and intellect in these new complex times continue to fulfill their duty.

“We feel privileged to have been on the battlefield in these harsh times of confrontation with the COIVID-19 pandemic from laboratories and hospitals anywhere in Cuba or on worthwhile international missions, where they contribute to protecting human lives,” he continues. .

The Women’s Committee of the Administrative Committee on Coordination, established on November 30, 1998, encourages its integration into the sector’s activities, especially science and technology in the third world, with the aim of strengthening its role in developing its activities.

It promotes measures of a high scientific and technical level, the results of which are reflected in improving the quality of life of citizens, as well as cooperation at the global and regional levels.

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