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Sembcorp Energy UK (SEUK) It plans to build Europe’s largest battery energy storage system in the UK, which will have a capacity of 360MW.

At the Wilton international site, SEUK has available land and ready connections to allow for the rapid installation of the batteries, which will be built in sections.

SEUK is operating 70 MW from batteries, and has another 50 MW already in the pipeline, which will be commissioned early next year.

As one of the UK’s largest battery wallets, the units can provide power and other services to the national grid within milliseconds, and this fast response time is critical to maintaining a safe and stable power system that will help the UK’s decline. carbon transfer.

Plans to expand this battery portfolio and its first 300MW net zero emissions plant, Whitetail Clean Energy, announced in July 2021, balance SEUK’s growth with technologies that support a greener future. If all these developments continue, SEUK’s total energy portfolio is expected to reach more than 1.6 gigawatts, with nearly half of the gigawatts supplied by batteries.

Managing Director of Sembcorp Industries UK and Middle East, Andy Coss, He said: “Sembcorp Energy UK is committed to accelerating the energy transition through sustainable solutions such as batteries. In addition, Wilton International’s 360 MW battery site promotes Teesside’s green renewal and its position as a low-carbon innovation hub in the North East.”

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