Second call for registration of materials

The second call for registration for the annual subjects and the first quarter of 2024 will be held on Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12.

the Academic presentation It is published, and registration is done via SEO Guarani The results will be announced at the SIU sessions on Friday 3/15.

Remember that you can subscribe to topics from the Feminist Training Circle (CIRFFEM). These are elective courses and seminars on gender, feminism, sexuality and related topics that students in the college's five majors can take, without having to do any additional administrative work. Registration takes place during contact appointments, also through SIU.

Meanwhile, you can also subscribe to CIRTFam topics. This is an offer of optional seminars that address social and environmental issues with the aim of promoting discussion about their different cognitive and theoretical streams, and their areas of professional performance. It can also be taken by course students and appears in the proposal of subjects to be chosen when registering at SIU.

Here you can find the complete registration process

Classes start on March 18th.

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