Seat offer on flights with Spain in August is 11% lower than 2019 offer

Total number of seats scheduled by airlines on international flights to Spain August will remain 11% below of supplies recorded during the same month in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic. According to data on air capacity released on Friday by TurespaƱa, the planned seat volume for Spain will reach 10.5 million this month, Behind 11.8 million in 2019, Although it exceeds by 28.2% the figure recorded in the previous year (8.2 million).

Compared to August 2019, Only five markets recorded growth In the number of places offered, led by Mexico, which grew by 11.7%, Norway (5.7%) and Austria (5.3%), in addition to Portugal and Denmark, which also improved their numbers from three years ago. on the opposite side Finland, the Czech Republic and Sweden are located, with 31.4%, 24.2% and 20% each lower compared to the August 2019 bid.

In absolute numbers, The UK continues to lead arrivals, With 2.5 million seats scheduled in August, nearly 25% of the total number of international tourists that Spain will receive this month, despite registering a 13.1% drop compared to pre-Covid levels. Germany was late With more than 1.5 million scheduled seats, 11.4% less than in 2019; Italy, with 959,975 planned seats, 8.1% less than it was before the pandemic; and France, which added 865,987 ranks which is only 1.4% below pre-outbreak levels.

The Netherlands set a total of 502,969 seats for the month, 2.6% less than three years ago; While Switzerland scored a bid of 378,361 places, 3.5% lower; Belgium has a total of 344,649 seats, which is a 4.8% decrease compared to pre-coronavirus figures. and Portugal, which improved its bid by 0.4% to 338,789 seats. Regarding August 2021, Norway, Finland and the United States Highest Growth Markets -198.2%, 136.9% and 135.8% respectively, while only the Netherlands showed a negative result, with an annual decrease of 4.1%.

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