SDE’s first science and technology fair was opened

With the participation of President Louis Abenader, the first inauguration ceremony science and technology fair From eastern Santo DomingoWith the aim of developing the scientific and technological skills of university and middle school students in government and private educational centers in the municipality.

Launched in Maria de la Altagracia Polytechnic Institute The president encouraged the students to fight for their dreams and promised to hand out prizes in National Palace.

The Exhibition It will take place between April and May and will focus on preparing exhibitions, demos of experiments, projects, articles, quizzes that have been or are in progress, and video game competitions.

The activity is organized by the National Presidential Board of Directors, the Liaison Office of the Executive Branch and Christian Churches, the Family Cabinet, the Community Technology Centers, Promipyme, the Government’s Office of ICT and the Higher Society and Technology Institute. Institute of the Americas.

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The final exhibition will be in the Parque del Este with prizes of 500 thousand for first place; The second place is 300 thousand and the third is 200 thousand pesos.

Reverend Dio Estacio explained that the event will include four categories, including life sciences, physical sciences, space and earth sciences, and engineering or technology.

“The topics that will be discussed are engineering, computing, video games, data science, natural sciences, and clean energy,” he said.

They also reported that in order to register, educational centers will have a form that will be available on the . page Exhibition. In terms of evaluation, a scientific panel will select three institutions with the best business.

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