Scientists in China build an artificial lightning rocket – Noticieros Televisa

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Celebrate a great scientific achievement by creating an artificial lightning bolt from a rocket launched into a thundercloud.

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Since the lightning had an irregular trajectory, scientists were able to adjust its trajectory thanks to a copper-wire rocket attached to the mainland. Thanks to experience, the beam changed direction and was manageable.

The experiment was carried out on July 11 in facilities Shandong Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, was recorded in a video that soon began to spread on social networks.

“Really cool! Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences succeeded in generating artificial lightning by launching a small rocket that pulls a grounded copper wire into a storm cloud on Sunday.” everyday peopleson his Twitter account.

The main goal was to protect against lightning falling on the fields, as well as against real weather conditions to avoid mishaps in future storms or other natural phenomena.

The direction of the beam finally managed to be straight and follow the copper wire added to the rocket. This, being connected to ground, allowed the current to be handled.

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