Sciences. In 2020, the Earth was rotating (a little faster)

We have to believe that even Earth wanted to finish 2020 as soon as possible, because our planet’s rotation speed was slightly higher last year According to scientists interviewed for the British newspaper The Telegraph s The online scientific journal Phys.

They confirmed that July 19, 2020, was the shortest day ever recorded, as the planet turned on itself at 1.4602 milliseconds less than a normal day, due to various factors: distance to the moon, snowfall levels, and mountain erosion. ..

And that this acceleration will continue in 2021, according to his work. As a result, 2021 should be 19 milliseconds in atomic time (the standard set by world watches).

Great first

As a result, experts are considering using a leap second, a process sometimes used to adjust UTC to align atomic time with solar time.

Shortening the year by one second would be very new, because if physicists had indeed resorted to such a modification (27 seconds since 1970), every time it was a question of adding a leap second.

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