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The Rugby Science Club, the Seville team of the Honors Division, has requested permission from the Royal House to change its name to Real Ciencias Rugby Club from next season 2021/22, when the science entity will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. out of existence.

The head of science, Marco Carus, signs the invitation sent to all members for the annual gathering, scheduled for the next day 29, where the third item on the agenda will be the amendment of Article 1 of the club’s articles of association, relevant to his name.

Sources close to the EFE board have told the Real Ciencias Rugby Club that the Real Ciencias Rugby Club name will only become effective after being authorized by the Royal House, which negotiations began through the Spanish rugby union a few months ago.

The aforementioned source added, “The vote will be conducted on a precautionary basis, so that in the event of receipt of the suit, it is not necessary to call an extraordinary assembly of partners for the sole purpose of making a name change.”

Founded in 1972 at the University of Seville’s Faculty of Biology, the Rugby Science Club achieved its first promotion to Honors Division at the end of the 1980s and treasures to its record, among other awards, two league titles, three from the Copa del Rey and one from the Copa Iberica.

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