Science Fair: New Educational Challenges Emerged in La Toma

It operates from all curricula, across all levels and modalities with an amazing hierarchy in each of the stands. Girls, boys, youth, adults, adults, teachers and the community in general participated in a successful educational day in the city.

The proposal was placed on Thursday at Colegio Nº3 “Manuel Belgrano” in La Toma. What happens in the classroom changes lives, and in this sense, Expose each student through multiple projects, those experiences they go through with their teachers.

To facilitate the study method, we make models of DNA, chromosomes, and cell nuclei. I think it’s great that we can do that while people come to see us and learn something new.” Define Bautista Carranza with his group. The biology teacher explained that the items are made from recyclable materials and feature original ways of applying theory using ingenuity and creativity.

From this position, the teaching practices that promote science fairs promote great words and ideas and the transformations they seek to generate in society. In a spirit of criticism and inquiry that shows not only the lively teaching work, but also the building of a “woven” plot of land in the classroom over the course of several months.

We proposed a study called “mediation” as a tool for resolving conflicts within the community. We want to convey that there are good ways to solve some problems and that it is important that we have access to information.” said Malena Barroso Suarez, first year at Manuel Belgrano School.

The peculiarity of being champions and having an active role in the learning path is a rich and unique experience for them, by developing communication skills, by presenting their scientific, artistic or technological products.

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Sofia Martinez, a fifth-year student who presented a project with her classmates called “Educación Vial”. “It is very important for us to raise awareness in the community about transportation management to avoid accidents,” said the student. On her part, Yolanda Gatica, who is the teacher in charge, noticed this The provincial parliament and the esteemed council of deliberations announced that the investigation into this matter is in the legislative, educational and cultural interest.

Science fairs provide the opportunity for institutions to showcase their full potential, while encouraging the attitudes, values, and callings of students. “work wings” is the name of another attractive presentation, teacher Gabriela García indicated that the aim of this project is to promote strong building of self-esteem, manage emotions, stimulate imagination and provide a conducive school environment for every girl and boy through play. education.

The activity was accompanied by all the articulated areas in the municipality with representatives of the Ministry of Education, as the province’s mandate once again celebrated The possibility of meeting with innovative spaces for exchange between families, students and educational institutions.

Note and photos: ANSL La Toma.

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