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Scholar Rudolf E. Kalman in the 1960s published the results of his scientific research on the optimal estimation of the non-measurable parameters of a complex system directly in order to be able to directly estimate its development and even predict possible states. The Kalman filter, as it is often called, is an iterative algorithm that simply requires that the inherent noise of the observable measurements fall into the category of white noise, noble contrast, and zero mean.

Kalman filter applications became popular when they achieved important importance by being an essential part of The Apollo XI guidance system. The art of prediction was closely related to both myth feeding and even the health sciences: nothing is more sensible and desirable than detecting diseases early in order to minimize consequences.

With the advent of data science and the industrial acceptance of artificial intelligence technologies, forecast science has become a staple of business. Data Science Course in London has been very popular among students and working professionals to upskill themselves in this field. From forecasting the growth or decline of corporate shares in an exchange, such as forecasting COVID-19 cases. There are thousands of people shredding data every day to predict earthquakes like the impact of hurricanes from the early stages.

The task consists of creating models from the data that allow future projections of the development of the variables of interest. Today, engineers and data scientists, with the support of mathematicians, physicists, actuaries and software experts, are building models from time series and trying to identify the primary and important sources of data to present in our models, as quickly as possible. , To be able to. To build forecasting systems. More advanced cybersecurity systems allow the identification of potential attacks based on monitoring and identifying specific patterns that represent “suspicious” behaviors that endanger private databases or endanger the integrity of sensitive data.

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Predictability is not limited to humans, who up to the age of 6-8 months cannot know if we will see our mother again once we are temporarily gone, generating anxiety that leads us to cry. Unlike, for example, chickens, which have no problem of discretion, without many complications, the appearance of a moving object after being clogged. The visual blockage is a good example of the kind of complications we encounter when trying Track things down Camcorders for various applications, including medical applications.

Unfortunately – in a word that has its real power – technologies similar to applications such as the Kalman filter are used to produce weapons capable of identifying and neutralizing a missile (such as כִּפַּת בַּר كي – Kibat Barzel – also called the Iron Dome or the Iron Cap used in the State of Israel); In addition to being able to use – and it is – to be able, for example, to destroy a library with precision.

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