Scholarships for research training in social sciences at Hospitalet – The City Council announces two scholarships with an endowment of €5,000 each

Hospitality City Council announces two scholarships for research training in the social sciences. Each scholarship is worth €5,000 and is aimed at people with a bachelor’s degree or relevant university degree. Scholarship recipients must develop a project related to the city. The deadline for applications ends on December 14

Hospitality City Council is calling for two research training grants to advance the city’s study in the social sciences. In this 38th edition, both grants will be awarded to scientific research projects in any thematic field related to the city of L’Hospitalet.

The scholarships, coordinated by the Hospital Museum, are aimed at people with a bachelor’s degree or university degree related to the social sciences. The amount allocated for each of the two scholarships is: 5000 euros. Deadline for applications to be submitted by The electronic headquarters of the city council Ends December 14.

The evaluation of the candidates will be carried out by a jury chaired by the person responsible for cultural heritage, a technician from the Hospitalit City Council in relation to this issue, two technicians from the cultural service and the coordinator of the Hospitalit scholarship programme. .

Supervising the projects of scholarship beneficiaries

The jury will appoint teachers who will advise the scholarship recipients and who will supervise the monitoring of the project. The arbitration committee may announce the cancellation of scholarships if it deems that any of the submitted projects does not achieve the minimum level of sufficient quality.

The deadline for submitting research work is six months from the day the recipients sign the scholarship acceptance.

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