Scandal in the United Kingdom for the extravagant expenses at the coronation of King Carlos III

he King Charles III He surprises everyone with the extravagant expenses incurred for his coronation day, as it seems that the king will invest a large amount of money, even reducing his guests to very few people, compared to previous coronations.

King Carlos III will be crowned next May 6thEveryone in the royal palace has already begun preparations for the grand event. It is estimated that there will be representatives of the royal family or the presidency from all over the world, with more than 2,000 people attending.

On the other hand, King Carlos III and his queen consort Camilla ParkerThey have created a web page where they will post all kinds of information about the preparations, and it will be open to all.

It should be noted that the royal family is responsible for paying the costs of all weddings and events that take place within the family, but the UK government is responsible for paying all the money for the coronation, the committee Golden orb

He was responsible for giving the total amount for the ceremony and it is estimated that it was over £100 million ($125 million).

According to sources close to the royal family, it is mentioned that until now the most expensive coronation in history will be King Carlos III, and some compare it to the coronation of King Carlos III in 1953. Queen Isabel II Estimated to cost £50 million ($62 million), some say King Carlos III’s investment is mostly in security, as he’s a public figure who doesn’t know what could happen.

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