Savoring: The way to multiply the happiness of beautiful moments and make them unforgettable

“he Taste “It's my favorite way to practice mindfulness,” says the famous American journalist. Mel Robbins. across the Podcast Who bears her name, this famous CNN speaker and commentator shares with us Tools backed by science To empower people and Improving their situation Satisfaction with life. He explains this as he enjoys the silence, light and colors that the landscape provides him after a heavy snowfall. “tasting“It is a simple and effective daily practice that will allow you Enjoy the details The trivialities of your daily existence while calling you to a realization Wonderful life is.

What is it Taste: The art of savoring the good times

It was formulated a few years ago Social psychologistFred Bryanthe Taste -Taste, literally- it is Emotional regulation technique Which aims to increase, maintain and deepen Positive feelings. A way of being Fully informed Dealing with one's feelings during positive daily experiences. Born in the ocean Positive psychologyhe Taste Can Increase happiness in the short and long term Because it's not just about enjoying the positive feelings of the present; Save them in memory To return to them in the future.

The best Taste: Don't miss the good things in life

he TasteMoreover, it invites us to realize how much Wonderful things around us: A ray of sunshine on your skin, a smile when you come home, the softness of a blanket, etc. Details hidden from us by the stress in which we move every day. Impulsiveness, fears, and mental noise affect our perception of reality, making us feel fearful Beauty and joy in everyday life We overlook it. “We have normalized Stress levels are very high, living with anxiety, with demands, with self-criticism, with irritability, with accumulated tasks, with poor sleep… when one of the most important things we have to do in our daily life is to satisfy our needs and desires. We seem to have forgotten that Our well-being depends on us“Which we develop and train,” he explains Psychologist Belén Colomina. One way to do this is through exercise Taste. If our mind tends to focus on negative thoughts by default, this means teaching it not to miss out on all the good things life has to offer.

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tasting Your beautiful moments and increase your present and future happiness

The best tasting Is this the Happy moments That life gets intense and intense Saved in your memory deeper. Charan Ranganathdirector of the Dynamic Memory Laboratory at the University of California and author of the book Why do we remember? (Penguin Random House, 2024), he explains, “In order to find a memory, you need it to stand out from the rest, to be different” (Sunday Paper). “The brain is very economical. look in Quality over quantity“.So, the only way to make… An unforgettable and different memory It is to put all your attention on this activity. Use your sensory world to enrich it: associate it with smells and sounds… Notice that something wonderful is happening.

3 steps to practice Taste Successfully

he Taste needs an exercise. According to Fred Bryant's theory we have to take into consideration three aspects:

  1. Anticipation. To improve Taste it is necessary Be informed in advance We're going to have a good time. For example, when you wake up, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast. You know it and you are ready to enjoy it to the fullest. It's the same if you're going to see a friend, or if you're going to an exhibition, or to read, and so on.
  2. Existence. At the moment of the experience, Enjoy it to the fullest Put all your senses into it. Know that you are enjoying it.
  3. Projection. Visualize that experience as An unforgettable moment You can remember it in the future to evoke the positive feelings it produced in you.
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