‘Save the hair, save the world’, Mexico heads to Mondiacult 2022 (+ photo)

The dialogue was led by the Director of the Instituto Cervantes, Luis Garcia Monteiro, and the dialogue was moderated by the Under-Secretary for Cultural Development, Marina Nunez, member of the Chapultepec Conferences.

The Mondiacult 2022, held by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and organized by Mexico as host of this edition, will be held from 28-30 September in Mexico City.

García Monteiro is also Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Granada, poet, narrator and essayist who has won several international awards for his literary work.

The professor made an appeal in favor of poetry as something to do with the salvation of the world and with the universal obligation of being a historical alliance with the mother tongues, and in this sense obligating all to the deepest truths.

He acknowledged that although poetry hardly solves social problems, there are other matters in which it calls for thought, placing, for example, the loss of a sense of belonging, the danger of the progress of technology detached from humanity, among others.

He said that claiming poetry means demanding the necessity of this dialogue between reason and feelings.

In the case of Mexico heading to Mondiacult 2022, it is developing a broad program of international forums and meetings under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and allied institutions with the aim of integrating the different voices that foster debate, such as this one on “Save Poetry, Save the World,” the second of this cycle, Nunez explained. .

He said that Mondiacult 2022 will be held within the framework of the fortieth anniversary of the first world conference of this kind, which was held in Mexico in 1982, and the overall objective would be to reflect on cultural policies in the current context.

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It includes the adaptation of the cultural sector to digital transformation, the contribution of culture to social and economic development, climate action, and the overall function of culture as a facilitator of resilience, well-being and prosperity.

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