Sara Almagro, world champion adaptive surfer

Madrid, November 12 (European Press) –

The Spanish adaptive surfing team shined once again at the World Championships held from 6 to 11 November in Huntington Beach, California (USA), winning a total of eight medals, one of them gold thanks to Sara from Malaga Almagro.

The Andalusian surfer was declared world champion in the Prone 2 category (i.e. an athlete who surfs lying down on the board and, if she needs help paddling, can catch the wave and get on the board) and was finally able to taste the gold medal she has so far resisted.

Almagro had the best score in the first round (16.27) and the second-best score in the second round (12.24), while she clearly dominated the semi-final with 16.10 points to advance to the final series with the best score. There she showed her best levels and clearly outperformed Australian Jocelyn Newmueller (14.17).

In addition, Ibon Oregui and Maria Martin Granizo became world runners-up in Kneeling (i.e. a surfer who surfs on his knees with an above-the-knee amputation, double below-the-knee amputation or similar disability) and Standing 3 (i.e. a standing surfer). With an above-knee amputation or similar disability). The Basque (11.50) was unable to beat the Welsh Llewellyn Williams (14.17), while the Lyon (6.90) beat the English Charlotte Banfield (12.83).

Audrey Pascual of Madrid once again made it to the World Cup podium with a bronze medal in kneeling, the same award won by Asturian Carmen Lopez in the Visual Impairment 1 category. Ursula Puyo (Platform 3), Paloma Onate (Prone 1) and Ander Juneja (Prone 2) He won the copper medal awarded for fourth place.

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In the general classification by country, the Spanish team, led by Luis Perez and Lucas Garcia, ranked fifth with 8,363 points, behind France (12,406), the United States (10,871), Brazil (9,605), and England (8,487). . In total, 27 countries competed.

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