Santiago Jimenez seduces Tottenham and could migrate to the Prime Minister

The future of Santiago Jimenez suggests that he will leave Feyenoord Rotterdam sooner or later, a team that, although it opened the doors to Europe for him, is not immune from the temptation of the million-dollar offers that are beginning to appear for the Mexican striker.

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Less than a year after signing “Chaquito”, the Dutch club’s board of directors expressed its willingness to give him up for 10 times what he paid for his services last year, because although the value of the young man born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is about $ 27 million, his team intends to transfer it to whoever pays twice that amount.

One of the reasons the 22-year-old striker is so appreciated is that he was recently the top scorer of the goal that allowed the Mexican national team to win the Gold Cup.

Overshadowed by his definition in front of goal, given his target quota has been flat for the past year, the Tottenham board are interested in recruiting Jimenez with a view to replacing Harry Kane, given the prospect of their starlet migrating soon for $100,000,000.

In this way, news leaked from the United Kingdom that Tottenham is negotiating the transfer of Santiago Thomas Jimenez through an offer worth $ 44 million, except that the process is conditional on the departure of Kane or the possibility of his renewal.

Another aspect that must be taken into account is that the Mexican is one of the two options that Tottenham is studying, given that they are also attracted by the possibility of contracting with naturalized Canadian Jonathan David, because he has developed his ability to play as a midfielder or as a striker, and the small detail is that the French Lille has a value of $ 66,000,000.

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Whatever may happen between now and December, the possibility of Jimenez changing teams remains lurking.

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