Santander UK is launching a new trade offering in the UK

Santander UKThe British subsidiary of Banco Santander has launched a new commercial offer through which it reduces the rates of its mortgage loans in the United Kingdom and increases the supply of deposits.

The entity he heads Anna Putin It indicated last week that it had taken the decision to review its mortgage rates down between 2 and 25 basis points in the United Kingdom.

In this way, the fixed interest rate on mortgages granted for 60% of the home value has become 4.99% for two years, up from 5.14% previously. For their part, the mortgage rate on 75% of the property value rises from 5.24% to 5.09%, and 90% mortgages are placed at a fixed rate for the first two years of 5.61%, from the previous 5.70%.

Also last week, Santander Bank It has launched a new paid savings account in the UK, called the Limited Access Savings Account, which offers a 3% interest rate on customers’ money, as long as they don’t make more than two cash withdrawals a month. If you do this, the interest drops to 1.20%.

In the words of Andrea Melville, Director of Current Accounts, Savings and Commercial Banking at Santander Bank UK, “During the year we sought to deliver value to our customers through our savings product offering.”

This new offer from Banco Santander’s British subsidiary joins its two standard current accounts, ‘Edge’, which offers a 7% APR for balances up to £4,000 (€4,606), and ‘Edge Up’, which offers a Interest rate of £3.50 for balances up to £25,000 (€28,787).

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Santander UK It also offers a one-year deposit of 3.20% that allows partial withdrawals, another deposit for the same period but without withdrawal paying 5.25%, and a two-year deposit also without withdrawal with an interest of 5.10%.

Currently, the ECB’s key refinancing rate is 4.50%, and the Bank of England’s key interest rate is 5.25%.

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