Santander swimmer Valentina Becera Quintanilla stands out in the United States

eThe name Valentina Becera Quintanella is closely related to success.

Since she ventured swimming about 10 years ago, she has shown that she has had very good conditions, but to that added the tenacity and discipline that has always propelled her to move forward in adversity.

In 2014, at the age of thirteen, her performance underwent a drastic change and from that girl who appeared a little at competitions, a real winner appeared who specialized in the style of the butterfly, but also scored great results in other styles.

Currently, at the age of 19, he is adding a wide harvest of medals in various national and international events, and this was shown last weekend in a competition for D1 universities in the United States, which are the universities that most request awards in sports scholarships for athletes.

The athlete, who was a member of the Colombian national team on several occasions and had the support of Jagol Pro, achieved first place in the 100-yard butterfly pattern test and was very satisfied with the result.

“I am very happy and grateful to my coach and my team. We did a good workout, tried to do my best and ignore the pain to move forward,” the words were in ESPN from Valentina, who is teaching her fourth semester of Psychology at Southhem Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas .

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Sure, 2020 hasn’t been easy for athletes and even for Valentina, who has been away from swimming pools for a long time due to the pandemic, but little by little has restarted her activity and has continued to exercise to maintain a good physical condition.

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She is seeking her best performance in the 2021 season, which led her, among other facts, to end the gold medal fast in Santander swimming at the National Games, where in 2019 she won the 100-meter butterfly test.

The athlete, who has been honored in several seasons by this press house in celebration of Sports of the Year, brings notable achievements to events such as the National Olympics, South America, Bolivarianism, Pan-American Games and Youth.

Valentina, who also admitted, “The goals of 2021 are above all to restore physical shape, improve as much as possible and give the best presentation in competitions,” and admitted that “it has been a difficult process in the United States, because I have had to. I have to work a lot in academics. Sports, because the timetables are complicated, but I continued to work hard and have the support of the university. ”

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