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Europe was too small for Sandor Martin, which is why the Spanish boxer invaded the United States last morning. In his first game on the other side of the pond, the Barcelona match beat legend Mickey Garcia. He also did it in Fresno (California), at Garcia’s home, and gave the American the second defeat of his career (until last night he had a record of 40-1, 30 KOs).

Last night was the biggest challenge in Sandor’s already successful career. He fought for the first time in the United States during his career, fighting against a man who was the world champion in four divisions and is already a boxing legend. The Spanish fighter did not carry the favorite label, but he realized that in the best moments of his career, he went out to the ring without fear for everyone.

Martin’s victory was by Majority decision (95-95, 97-93 and 97-93) thanks to fast and clever classic boxing, avoiding Garcia’s fist and counterattack lightly. With his father, Rafa Martin in the corner, Sandor identified himself as the winner at the end of the fight. The only one who did not agree with the judges’ decision was his rival Garcia. “I was the one who took the beat and ran away‘ said the American.

The Spaniard’s victory elevates him to a new dimension in world boxing. At 28, Sandor has a record 39-2, 13 KOs and was a three-time European champion, and despite fighting this fight had to clear the champion belt, Martín is aiming for even higher. Sandor’s goal is to be a super lightweight world champion.

“NSIt’s the greatest moment of my career. I’ve always wanted to be here, it was my chance. I said I would do it my son. I’ve been boxing since I was five and dreaming about this moment. s“I would like to thank Fresno for the love he showed me and Macy Garcia for giving me this opportunity,” the Spaniard said at the end of his life’s battle.

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