Sandinista presents the Electoral Reform Project in Nicaragua – Prensa Latina

The bill, signed by 69 MPs from the Sandinista group, was submitted to the First Secretariat of the Legislative Council, which is responsible for implementing and organizing the timetable for parliamentary debate.

A key point in the proposal refers to the inclusion of the amending text of the current Law 331 prohibiting political parties and alliances between them and candidates from receiving direct or indirect funding from abroad, of any kind, under any concept or purpose.

The new legislation would make it an electoral offense to intervene personally, or through third parties, of foreign residents or transit through the country in Nicaragua’s political affairs.

The reform will prevent registration as candidates for the people’s elections for the disabled, in accordance with the principles enshrined in the political constitution.

In the same situation, it will be those who have become incapacitated due to non-compliance with the principles of the Foreign Agents Regulations (issued on 19 October 2020) and the defense of the people’s rights to independence, sovereignty and self-determination. For Peace (December 22 of the same year).

Article 104 of the draft law stipulates that documentation of the direct private contributions of political parties will be made public and remain at the disposal of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic.

It will also legislate what refers to the ethical standards that must be fulfilled during the election campaign, such as advertising at that specific juncture, which must “abide by the values, principles and rights stipulated in the political constitution of the Republic.”

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It also stipulates that parties or coalitions are prohibited from using the colors of the national flag in party symbols or slogans.

The reform and addition to Law 331 is part of the electoral year, which will culminate in the general elections on November 7.

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