Samsung launches new OLED, Micro LED, Neo QLED smart TVs and the world's first 8K wireless projector

This is the company's new range of smart TVs and lifestyle products

Tizen OS, the operating system for Samsung TVs

With one day left until the start of CES 2024, the popular consumer technology event held in Las Vegas, Samsung She has already announced her major news. It's about A new range of Neo QLED, Micro LED and OLED smart TVs and the world's first 8K wireless displayWhich is called The Premiere 8K.

Among the new features that these TVs offer, one of the most interesting is the introduction of a New generation AI processor improves picture and sound quality. Apart from this, it has been designed so that All compatible devices can connect to itthus providing a more flexible lifestyle and experiences outside of the screen.

Neo QLED 8K 2024, excellence thanks to the new NQ8 AI Gen3 processor

Samsung New QLED TVs

New Samsung New QLED 8K TV

Let's start with the new Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs, which stand out Realistic images and premium audio technologies Due to the large spread of applications and services. Now, the top of the scale model The Neo QLED 8K introduces Samsung's best processor yet: the NQ8 IA Gen3twice as fast as its predecessor, which is reflected in a screen that displays even the smallest details.

Added to this excellent performance are a series of functions that improve picture and sound quality: 8K AI Upscaling Pro for Retouching low-resolution contentAnd AI Motion Enhancer Pro to solve motion problems when playing sports content and Real Depth Enhancer Pro Add details to animated scenes.

AI Motion Optimizer

The AI ​​Motion Enhancer function improves the motion picture of sports events

As for the sound, you can Connect and sync multiple wireless speakers and soundbar Thanks to Q-Symphony. On the other hand, you will also enjoy Significant improvement in dialogues and voices With Active Voice Amplifier Pro, a dialogue amplifier that uses artificial intelligence.

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The new Neo QLED 8K TVs are based on… Tizen 2024 operating system Of Samsung Smart TVs: They include a New home screen With additional categories and a new wireless controller designed for the Samsung Gaming Hub. In addition, from now on, each family member will be able to create and have their own profile Personal recommendations For a unique experience.

Micro LED 2024, innovation in display technology

We already told you a few months ago that Samsung is still the leading brand in TV sales, and it's no wonder its commitment to innovation has been making it for years. In the case of this scope, The screens are equipped with a very small Micro LED chip Which was manufactured with the utmost precision.

So much so that it eliminates welds and light refraction, allowing the new transparent Micro LEDs to emit a Clear, unobstructed image in any environment. Therefore, the innovative Micro LED technology features a modular design that supports Customize the size, shape and ratio of screens To adapt it to the appropriate space.

OLED 2024, with panels up to 20% brighter

The star of the new OLED range is Model S95D 77 inch TV Which reproduces a very high level of Details, deep blacks and AI color accuracy It is Pantone validation. And if that wasn't enough, the screen is 20% brighter than previous models.

However, it is not the only model in the new OLED range announced by the company today. Samsung also provided Models S90D and S85D, available in sizes from 48 inches to 83 inchesalthough size and availability will be subject to each country.

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In addition, these TVs have new Glare-free OLED technologyWhich has been specially designed for this new collection. Her job is Reduce reflections, maintain image sharpness, and maintain color accuracyAll accompanied by a new specialized coat of hard paint.

Glare-free OLED display Samsung

New OLED Glare Free technology on Samsung TVs

Premiere 8K, the world's first 8K wireless projector

Samsung also has a lot to say about it Lifestyle productsThe best proof of this is the new wireless projector called The Premiere 8K. After introducing the first Freestyle projector two years ago, we're now looking forward to the first 8K wireless projector, which guarantees… Exceptional viewing without the need for cables.

In fact, one of its best features is the convenience it offers, as you can take it to the city, to the apartment on the beach, or wherever you want without the slightest effort. in this way, We avoid having to buy a TV for a second home, or even move the set from our home Every time we go to spend some time away.

This ultra-short throw projector has constant sound, Cloud gaming, four screen sections with Multi View and other smart features That makes life easier for the user. In addition, it provides a surround sound experience thanks to Samsung's Sound-on-Screen technology, which is accompanied by audio algorithms. Software with Dolby Atmos.

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