‘Safe’: The 6-hour Netflix series that keeps the suspense until the last minute

April 1, 2022 13:33

A new drama and action series from Netflix, Safe promises to keep you guessing through eight episodes totaling six hours.

‘Safe’: The 6-hour Netflix series that keeps the suspense until the last minute

Netflix The bulletin board continued to be revamped with major premieres, while other proposals, which had been available for some time, began to be a belated success. This is Case of Safe, a series that was released in 2018, but that climbs the positions in the list of most watched shows.

Perfect for a marathon on vacation, or watching one class a day and finishing in a week: the new series of netflix, Safe, already among the public’s favourites. A drama of suspense and intrigue that exposes the struggles of a quiet neighborhood on the surface but hides a secret plot.

The series that Netflix canceled with complete success after eight seasons and left the ending open

The protagonist, a recently widowed surgeon, must take care of his two daughters and help them cope with the loss of their mother. But when one of them disappears after going to a party, the doctor begins to investigate like a private investigator.

And there he discovers everything that his relatives hide, who reveal their secrets and show a hitherto unknown face. The dark face of this wealthy UK neighborhood reveals chained situations like dominoes.

Starring Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Amanda Abington (Sherlock), it is an original series of Netflix Created by Harlan Coben. There are only eight chapters that add up to six hours of tension and suspense.

The cast was rounded out by Hannah Arterton (Midway Crimes), Mark Warren (Hustle), and Emmett J. Scanlan (Holyox). Although the series has not been officially canceled, the second season, which has been eagerly awaited by his fans, has not yet been confirmed.

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