Sacha Llorente says ALBA-TCP reactivated against dominance (+ photos)

Its Executive Secretary, Sacha Llorente, announced here that ALBA-TCP is being revitalized today in the new battles for a better world and against US hegemony.

This was said in an exclusive interview with latin presswhose headquarters he visited, and where he described the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of America – the People’s Trade Treaty as a unique set of its principles of unity and integration.

Llorente noted that the conglomerate would celebrate its first 20 years in 2024 after its birth as a fence “against imperial pretense to enforce the North American Free Trade Area.”

He noted that the alliance earlier promoted by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez was later finalized to counter further attacks of hegemony by Washington under the Monroe Doctrine, which is close to 200 years old.

He noted that the same history bears the guiding Bolivarian and Martian creed, which he said was reinforced by the contribution of other leaders in the region, including Ralph Gonzalvez and Rafael Correa and presidents Miguel Diaz-Canel, Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega.

He emphasized that ALBA-TCP is not subject to the patterns of an unfair international system and seeks a fair, equitable and balanced system. For this reason, he insisted that it is a reference point for overcoming a lot of grievances.

In balance with what has been achieved in these years, it was mentioned that four of its member states have declared that they are free of illiteracy.

Millions of people, even from other countries, have also regained their eyesight through the miracle process.

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The former Bolivian minister and diplomat stressed that the bloc’s countries are among the countries that faced the COVID-19 pandemic with the best results.

In this regard, he noted that the Alba Bank financed the purchase of the immunological preparations, while the Venezuelan airline Conviasa transported them on a humanitarian bridge with the medical brigades arranged by Cuba, which also created and shared its own vaccines.

He said that these benefits are a model that goes beyond the participating countries: Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Granada and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

In his account, Sacha Llorente denounced the attacks within the bloc, with the attempted coup in Nicaragua, the coup in Bolivia, and the permanent hostility against Cuba and Venezuela.

In all these cases, our political processes and peoples won. He pointed out that this can only be achieved when we are on the side of the truth, in the face of media bombardment, whether in the media or on social networking sites.

He admitted it was one of the main challenges of the times he called obscurantism, in a scenario in which he praised the role of Prensa Latina and multi-state television station Telesur “for telling the truth and confronting lies and demonization campaigns.”

Llorenti spoke with latin press At the end of a working visit to Cuba that he described as fruitful and “concrete missions”, during which he met with President Miguel Diaz-Canel and other representatives of the government and society of the Antilles.

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He explained that he discussed in Havana the identification of several lines of action that were adopted at the recent summit of the alliance, which seek to enhance food production and strengthen food sovereignty.

As well as developing medicines to enhance the productive sector, culture and other projects, the results of which he promised to announce at the time.

He said the Cuban president encouraged him to relaunch the ALBA games “as a scenario for the integration of our peoples”.

We feel great support from Cuba’s will to continue strengthening the alliance. He concluded by saying: We have achieved the goals and will be back.

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