Sabatini and Dulco fell to Italians Pineta and Schiavone in the final of the Legends Tournament at Roland Garros.

Summary of the women’s final from the Legends Championship in Paris

Gabriella Sabatini and Gisela Dulko couldn’t hold the women’s title at the Roland Garros Legends Championship.. After advancing as the first team in their group, the Argentine duo fell into the hands of the Italian pair that comprised them Flavia Pennetta (Dulko’s former partner on the professional circuit; together they were #1 in the world) and Francesca Schiavone In the field Susan Lenglin. The Argentines won the first set 6-1, but the Italians recovered and won 7-6 (4) 10-6 in the tiebreak.

It was a great comeback for the best Argentine tennis player in history and also for one of the speculators who knew how to become a champion in the WTA singles and doubles circuit. Having started training together, they received an invitation from the organization to join the event, which brought together great tennis representatives from different eras.

It was a great final played by the Argentines and the Italians. Sabatini and Dulko’s performance in the first set was overwhelmingThey broke the first set and then repeated the first in the third, fifth and seventh to win the set 6-1. The second group was already of much greater parity. Beyond that, Gabi and Gisela had two points to win the tournament, but couldn’t close it and fell 7-4 in a tiebreak that was so tight that Schiavone showed all his class.

The Women’s Legends final was decided with a tie-breaker for the top 10. Although it After leading by three points (5-2), The Argentines couldn’t keep up and once again the Italians’ effectiveness seemed to win the decisive set 10-6.

Despite the defeat, Sabatini and Dulco completed a remarkable experience in Paris (AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias)

“that was awesome. Sharing this with Gise was so special. A great group was formed off the field.”one said enthusiastic sabatini After losing in the final. “We had a great time these days”Dolek added.

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“Playing with Flavia and Francesca was very special. I had to face two players I’ve always admired who were really the trophy. Every point was great, very nice,” he concluded. Gaby Having lived a unique experience upon his return to tennis at Roland Garros. “Every moment was happy”He added before farewell.

In the prelude to the final match, Sabatini, Dulko and the rest of the legends participated in a dinner in honor of historical figures. At that meeting, Gabe delighted everyone present when Join the Rolling Stones It is played by the band of remembered tennis player John McEnroe.

In their first two group matches in the competition, the Argentine duo showed flashes of great tennis. At the premiere it was a victory over the representatives of the United States, Lindsey Davenport and Mary Jo Fernandez, to double 6-3. While the return of the former first seed in Argentine women’s tennis, she got 35 winning shots, compared to the seven achieved by the American duo. Moreover, they made 16 easy fouls with Gisela.

Already in the second match, which was played like the first in Susan Lenglin, they lost to the locals Tatiana Golovin and Natalie Toziat By 6-4 and 6-4. Both Gaby and Dulko had service problems (they made 10 double fouls between them) and 37 non-forced fouls, twice the number of French fouls (19).

But in the last match of the group stage, they recovered well in front of them Croatian Eva Majuli and French Marie Pierce: They won 6-4 6-1 to advance to the definition against the Italians who stayed with the other area they participated in, among other former tennis players, the historic Martina Navratilovathe former number one and two-time champion at Roland Garros.

Gabriella and Gisela had two points to win the tournament, but fell at the end of the second half (AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias)
Gabriella and Gisela had two points to win the tournament, but fell at the end of the second half (AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias)

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