s. next one. Israel allows the expansion of the fishing zone and the increase of imports and exports in Gaza

Madrid, 12 July. (European Press) –

The Israeli government announced, on Monday, the expansion of the fishing zone in the Gaza Strip and the approval of new imports and exports in light of the calm on the borders, after the fighting that broke out in May between the Israeli army and various Palestinian armed factions. in the pocket.

Thus, the Coordinator of the Activities of the Government of Israel in the Territories (COGAT) indicated that as of Monday the fishing area has been expanded from nine to twelve nautical miles, while the passage of fishing materials and materials is allowed. Textile production and other domestic industries.

It will also allow the export of more textiles and agricultural products from Gaza. The agency said, as reported by the newspaper ‘Times of Israel’, that “these civil measures have been approved by the political class and are in line with maintaining stability and security.”

On June 25, Israel announced an increase in Gaza’s fishing zone from six to nine nautical miles, after its complete closure due to fighting and within the framework of the blockade imposed on the Strip since 2008.

The 11-day fighting in Gaza killed more than 250 Palestinians and a dozen people in Israel, including an Indian woman and two Filipinos, as well as more than 20 Palestinians were killed by the forces. West Bank.

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