Rylan Clark called a ‘terrible provocation’ on Big Brother’s cryptic tweets


Big Brother, the father of reality TV, may be back on UK TV next year, and a celebrity fan can’t wait.

Rylan Clark, who won a Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 and later hosted the spin-off Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, sent fans of the show exchanging cryptic tweets.

Following news that ITV2 may be in talks to revive the reality show in the fall of 2023 in a non-popular format (with members of the audience as housemates), Rylan tweeted a mouthless face emoji, implying that he was ‘speechless’. “.

Famous Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley replied to his friend, “Oh my God, Rylan, you’re a terrible joke.”

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Raylan replied, “I love you.”

This infuriated fans, with one enthusiastic user saying: “This trade makes me so excited!!”

“Hope to see you host if that happens! 15,” said a second user

A third fan pleaded, “Come on and tell us what gossip you were talking about and you said yes about a particular show.”

The winner from the Central Bank of Bahrain shared an encrypted message online

Rylan has been a huge fan of BB and has been an outspoken advocate of the show’s comeback, which originally aired on Channel 4 from 2000 to 2010 and Channel 5 from 2011 to 2018.

This January, E4 premiered a modern Australian version of Celebrity Big Brother with Caitlyn Jenner and Thomas Markle Jr.

After the announcement, Raylan tweeted, “Amazing news…

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It is not yet known if original host Davina McCall will be interested in returning.

Raylan, whose home was actually inspired by Big Brother’s, told The Mirror what the show meant to him earlier this year, saying:

“Big Brother was like a kid to me: doing Big Brother’s Bit on the side every night became a lifestyle rather than a job,” he said in an interview.

“Big Brother has completely changed my life, 360 degrees is just right, I miss him so much and I think if he comes back now, he might come back the same but it’s completely different now.”

When asked if he’ll star in the revived Big Brother, Rylan replied, “One million percent.”

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