Russia is developing the Argus-Kupol drone suppression system

Presented for the first time at the “Equipment” exhibition, which takes place on June 29-30 in Moscow, the new device is capable of stopping the flights of one or more drones, including a swarm of drones, in its working area. The moment it was launched, directive highlighted.

According to Balándina, the Argus-Kupol system has been developed in both a stationary and mobile version, and he explained that several samples of the product are currently being used by Russian units in the military special operation.

The mobile Argus-Kupol can be used for rescue operations and for the protection of facilities: trenches, fortresses. If we put larger antennas, and increase the working radius, Kupol can cover important facilities, including civilian ones.

The directive confirmed that we have launched several samples, they have passed the tests perfectly, and are now being used in combat areas in eastern Ukraine, and thanks to the results obtained there, the system will go into serial production.

In turn, Balandina pointed out that the peculiarity of the new system is the production of interference by multi-directional antennas, as well as greater radiation energy in the required frequency bands, which allows preventing access to the protected facility from all sides.

This device can be produced in different sizes according to the required coverage area.

“Depending on the dimensions of the case and the antennas located there, the radius of action can be changed. In an open field you cannot use a large diameter, you need the Kupol system with a range of 150-300 square meters, which the satellites do not notice, they see a mistake ” , explained.

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Thus, the short-range system allows you to create an evacuation rescue corridor,” said a Qisent representative.

According to them, under the influence of the Argus-Kupol system, UAVs gradually stop or descend and in some cases an uncontrolled fall of unmanned vehicles occurs.


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