Russia expels British military attaché amid escalating tensions

On May 16, the Russian Foreign Ministry declared the British military attaché at the UK Embassy in Moscow, Adrian Coghill, persona non grata, and gave him one week to leave Russia. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, this measure comes in response to the expulsion of the Russian military attaché from the United Kingdom, which it described as “hostile and baseless.”

“This measure does not represent our full response to the hostile actions taken by Britain against Russia on May 8. Those responsible for the escalation will be informed of the new countermeasures,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

British Home Secretary James Cleverley claimed that the Russian military attaché was in fact an “undeclared military intelligence officer”. Cleverley also announced that the UK government would revoke the diplomatic status of several properties in Britain linked to Russia.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that it considered the UK a “party to the conflict” and that Russia would attack British military assets in Ukraine and elsewhere. This statement came in response to an interview conducted by former British Prime Minister David Cameron ReutersIn which he stated that Ukraine could use weapons provided by Britain to attack targets on Russian territory.

United Kingdom response

The UK Defense Secretary, Grant Shapps, described this expulsion as… “extremity” On the part of Russia, because it was known so “The Russian military attaché in the UK worked as a spy.” And at the same time it is “Putin’s only problem with ours is that they embody the UK’s steadfast support for Ukraine in the face of its illegal and barbaric invasion.”

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