Russia bans Boris Johnson and twelve high-ranking officials from the United Kingdom from entering the country

The Russian Foreign Ministry has banned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and 12 other British officials from entering the country. The Kremlin explained, in a statement, that the decision was taken after “unprecedented hostile actions” by the British government, in particular regarding the “imposition of sanctions against high-ranking Russian officials.” Apart from Johnson, among the banned persons are Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, six ministers, a secretary and a deputy defense secretary. The list was also included in the list of former Prime Minister Theresa May; First Minister for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, and Attorney General for England and Wales.

Russia explains to the statement that this is a response to the “unruly media and political campaign in London” aimed at “isolating” Russia internationally and “stifling” the national economy. They noted that “British leaders deliberately escalated the situation in Ukraine, giving the Kyiv regime lethal weapons and coordinating similar efforts with NATO.”

In addition, they accuse the British government of “Belarus” and inciting a “negative attitude” in the country. They also warned that any punishment “will inevitably bring back those who started it, and they will face a categorical rejection.”

Specifically, with the exception of Johnson, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Dominic Raab, has been denied entry to the country; Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss; Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps; Home Secretary Priti Patel; Finance Minister Rishi Sunak; Minister of Entrepreneurship and Energy, Kwasi Kwarting; Minister of Digitization and Culture, Nodin Doris. Minister and Deputy Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and James Hebby, respectively. In addition, former Prime Minister and current MP Theresa May is also included in the list; Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland; The Attorney General for England and Wales.

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Russia indicated in the statement that the list will be expanded to include more British politicians and parliamentarians.

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