Russia and Turkey address issues related to the Moscow-Kiev conflict

Putin and Erdogan. Photo: Latin Press.

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan by phone on Friday for organizing the latest round of negotiations in Istanbul between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations.

during the dialogue, The leaders touched on issues related to the results of the March 29 meeting and the progress of talks between Moscow and Kiev to end the bilateral conflict and confrontations.

During the conversation, the Kremlin said, the Turkish head of state highlighted the assistance provided by the Russian Defense Ministry in evacuating Turkish citizens and merchant ships from the combat zone.

According to the Turkish presidential office, Erdogan, in an interview with Putin, expressed his hope for peace in UkraineTaking into account the constructive course of the meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations in Istanbul.

He further noted that Ankara considers the organization of a meeting between the presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, a priority.

“President Erdogan stated that it is important for the parties to act with common sense and maintain dialogue,” the memo reads.

(with information from Prensa Latina)

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