Russell Cook Challenge

Russell Cook I embarked on an adventure Tour Africa from south to north, But in a way that no one has yet achieved: Works tirelessly. Fifteen thousand kilometers is equivalent 360 marathons in 240 days. He started his way in Cape Town (South Africa) At the end of March, he hopes to reach the northernmost point of the continent Tunisia in Christmas. Eight months and 16 countries By the way.

“In this project for Africa I will start traveling 63 kilometers per dayHe says in one of his videos on his social networks in which he recounts all his experience. Extreme challenges are nothing new for this American runner. Four years ago he completed 66 marathons in the 71 days that took him From Asia to London.

15,000 km solidarity

The motivation behind the mathematical challenge is help others. The money collected will go to homeless And also to submit Sanitation and clean water for the needy in the third world.

in front of him Hours and hours of desertAs he explains in his early days: “It was a tough day. A long straight line on the road and no shadow.” However, he is not alone. Two friends in a truck are watching over you To help you if any problem occurs.

“In this project for Africa, I will start traveling 63 kilometers a day.”

Among the countries on his long list are South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Senegal, Guinea and Ivory Coast: “We will get to Congo just in time for the rainy season. I’ll have to crawl mile after mile through the mud.”. On this trip, he hopes to enjoy unique places: “We will be in the wildlife sanctuaries that keep the largest animals danger the world has never seen before.

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Security from the UK

A challenge of this magnitude requires collaboration outside the field. While running across countries with Political instability and wars In between, Russell is aware of everything that’s going on: “A British intelligence team is monitoring security on the ground. While avoiding border closures or coups d’état.. No doubt we may face a challenge that, if met, would become historic because the state of form that must be preserved for its completion is simply extraterrestrial.

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