Rumors are growing about Elizabeth II’s abdication

The 96-year-old Queen, who has spent nearly 70 years as Britain’s head of state, has had to cancel several commitments since last October when her mobility problems worsened. But none of the size of the beginning of the legislative year.

The Dail Beast quoted British monarchy expert Robert Hardman, author of a licensed biography of Elizabeth II, who considered that although her “absence at the opening of Parliament was unprecedented, the decision of her absence—the use of Regency law—yes it is.”

Duncan Larcombe, a former royal writer for The Sun, added: “Despite all the banishment from the palace, I think Carlos will actually be officially installed in some sort of capacity a year from now.”

Prince Charles’ speech from the throne

Prince Charles sitting next to his mother Queen Elizabeth II’s tiara.

Photo: CNN

Although there is no doubt that the Queen’s health problems are nothing more than mobility, experts note that Elizabeth II will not have many options to delay the abdication in favor of Prince Charles if she cannot fulfill her primary duties as head of state.

The United Kingdom is eagerly awaiting its “Platinum Jubilee” in early June when Elizabeth II will celebrate 70 years of her reign, the longest in the history of the British monarchy.

The last time Elizabeth II appeared in public was on March 29, during a service of thanksgiving to her late husband, Prince PhilipDuke of Edinburgh.

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